Maria Bojlund: Fiddle / Gabriel Hermansson: Cittern / Markus Tullberg: Wooden Flute & Nordic Bouzouki


Jidder presents Swedish traditional music fuelled with lyrical tunes and beautiful songs – everything served by three highly expressive musicians on wooden flute, fiddle, cittern and vocals. The focus for the band is to bring you the very essence of the music: joy and sadness, temper and humour. The debut CD, Music of Skåne was released in 2011.


Ralsgård & Tullberg


Andreas Ralsgård: Wooden Flute / Markus Tullberg: Wooden Flute


Andreas Ralsgård & Markus Tullberg have been working to revitalise the wooden transverse flute in the Swedish traditional music. The first CD, Traditional Music from Sweden (2010), was the first album ever to focus entirely on the duo playing of two transverse flutes in the Swedish folk music tradition. On their latest CD, +1, they collaborated with some of the finest musicians on todays folk music scene to develop their vision further.


Nos Honks


Anna Roussel: Wooden Flute / Jonas Knutsson: Saxophones / Markus Tullberg: Wooden Flute


The members of Nos Honks have made a deep journey into each other’s musical backgrounds and created a world of sounds that connects to traditional music from Sweden, Brittany, Ireland but also reaches beyond genres and borders. A central theme for Nos Honks is the balance between the thoughtful arrangements and the space for improvisation. The music never sounds the same and key is a close communication and a living repertory.


Bojlund & Tullberg


Maria Bojlund: Fiddle & Vocals / Markus Tullberg: Wooden Flute & Nordic Bouzouki


A duo working mainly with Swedish and Irish traditional music.


photo: Elias Björn

Gisen, Ulvsand & Tullberg


Dan “Gisen” Malmquist: Clarinet / Jens Ulvsand: Bouzouki / Markus Tullberg - Wooden Flute


The three musicians create a cluster of melodies and harmonies, which gently takes the listener through the Swedish folk music, traditional as well as contemporary. The trio features wooden flute and clarinet - two instruments with a deep history in Swedish music but that haven’t been heard in a Swedish trad band together before. This unique, windy sound is supported by the rhythmic and melody based bouzouki playing of Jens Ulvsand.